Friday, October 8, 2010

This Is The Part Where I Start To Cry

The internet at our house has been cut off, my suitcase is starting to fill up and I've called a farewell dinner. Sunday morning I get up (or stay awake as the case may be), put on my boots, say goodbye to B, cry for an extended period of time then get on a very, very early flight with Samuel. It ain't gonna be pretty. Last night I looked how I currently feel: like a ghost.

But hey, you gotta jump again some time, right?

Goodbye Ulaanbaatar, hello Melbourne.

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  1. hi alicia!

    i'm organising a mongolian film festival (focusing on contemporary film) in edinburgh this spring in order to fundraise for a creative summer camp that we will hold for kids in ulaan baatar this summer. not knowing a great deal about mongolian cinema i've been browsing round the internet and found ur article in film.culture.360 and thought u might have some leads.
    from what i've gathered so far there seems to be a fair bit of good documentaries (state of dags for example seems interesting) but i would also like something fictional. i found a description for a movie called operation tatar on the east meets west festival, would u recommened that movie or do u have any other suggestions (at this point anything is helpful really). my email address is

    kind regards, sofia :)
    (coordinator, project mongolia's creative summer camp)