Sunday, April 25, 2010

Acting My Age

Last week I turned old. I know this because I attempted to play basketball yesterday and I could hardly walk afterwards. I am faring a little better today but my body is still terribly confused about what it went through yesterday. It's also possible this is the result of five months of virtual hibernation where the closest I got to moving my limbs was walking to the shops to buy a cabbage and a bag of biscuits each night. Battered body aside, I am not one for major birthday celebrations, but luckily, some amazing people were on hand this year to ensure that I had a lovely day without too much trauma.

My wonderful work colleagues bought me a beautiful dress, I had dinner with some super special friends, I got a crazy cat lady mug + some stunning plastic cherry blossoms, I crammed into a car with seven people and I did three hours of karaoke. Good friends of UB (and special guests from Berlin), I salute you + thank you for a wonderful birthday. Many arigatos also to everyone who called, texted or engaged in online communication to send wishes. It made growing up far more palatable.

P.S. I'm still finding sand in all my belongings so have been too busy using the washing machine to write about Gobi Trip #2. No need though really - the photos tell the best parts of the story (except for when we taught kids in Sainshand the Nutbush. That was kinda cool.)

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