Wednesday, February 3, 2010

English: Good For Something

I haven't quite given up on learning Mongolian, but truth be told, my interest is waning a little as I realise that a) All the words sound the same, and b) Considering all the words sound the same, if you can't even pronounce one properly, you're pretty much screwed in general.

The words for leg, tongue and food might as well be one and the same for all I can decipher, same goes for cat, horse and bad. This bodes not so well for me when I try to tell people I have a cat back home.

Lucky for us, an FM radio station here wanted some English language speakers to program a full day, so we are now all radio presenters extraordinaire. Considering the last time I did radio properly we were still using reel-to-reel to record interviews (Google it youth type people), I was concerned things these days might be a little 'hi-tech' for my aged mind. Not so.

It's all pretty straight forward really. So every second week, between the hours of 3pm and 4.30pm, Sonja and I present an arts and culture show where we channel David + Margaret and talk art (luckily she is learned about such things). Then from 7.30pm - 8.30pm Clare and I play new music. If you play in a band, speak English and I know you, I'll probably hit you up for an interview in the coming months - when else will you get the chance to talk to the good citizens of Ulaanbaatar? That's right, probably never. Unless you decide to trade in music for goat herding. You'd probably make more money actually...

This week, Clare chose songs from bands she saw at Falls Festival when she was back in Melbourne for xmas. There were some excellent selections, including Chairlift, Blasko and YYYs, however I think in the pic below, she's attempting to explain to me why Lisa Mitchell, former Australia Idol contestant, is good. I just shut up and played the song.

The Hive @ ZOGII 107FM - Engligh language radio
Every Wednesday from 12noon - 12mdnight*

*No, of course you can't stream it online. Did you see the mixer?


  1. In line skater, Radio DJ, Defender of handbags - so what if you can't speak Mongolian - you're still one very cool chick.

  2. Thanks Susie. You're kind of alright yourself. And you've worked out the internet. This is great cause for celebration! x