Monday, December 28, 2009

I Ate This In Berlin #2

My expat friends living in Berlin say they are BIB* when they get home after being out of town. I am now BIUB# after spending a week IB^. (I am currently working for an NGO. Acronyms are becoming my life). I had a lovely time with the beautiful Ria + Chris and ate + drank many delicious things.

At a delightful xmas market we drank gl├╝hwein with Harriet. Not too much though - spewing warm red wine is no fun for anyone.

We drank Russische hot chocolate (go for one part cocoa and 17 parts vodka and you're on your way. Hello Moscow).

Christo gave a duck a bath before roasting it for xmas lunch. That duck sat on my knee in the train on the way home from the market. It had a bony butt. Its mother should have told it to eat more.

I saw these in the local booze shop. Of course I purchased them. Wouldn't you?

*Back In Berlin
#Back In Ulaanbaatar
^In Berlin

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