Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do You Care What I Like?

If you do, my list of top musical things from 2009 appears below. If you'd also like to see what my excellent former colleagues and cohorts found enjoyable last year, please peruse this fine newsletter, as compiled by my compadre + the dude currently finding Starburst lollies under my ex-keyboard, Lil Pat. Nice work Pat.

Top Releases + songs

Nite Jewel – Good Evening
The xx - xx
Jack Penate – Everything Is New
The Mess Hall – For The Birds
Miike Snow – Miike Snow
Health – Get Color
DZ – Ruined My Life
The Middle East – The Recordings Of The Middle East
megastick fanfare – brain tooth
Bat For Lashes – Daniel
Kid Sister - Get Fresh
Super Wild Horses – We Don’t Believe It

Gigs I lost a little bit of my mind at

ATP Mt Buller… all of it
PJ Harvey + John Parish, Future Of The Left, The Bronx, Nite Jewel + Spindrift at SxSW
Seekae remix EP launch w/ megastick fanfare, Parades, Ghoul + Bearhug
Ivy League FBi fundraiser w/ The Mess Hall, Red Riders, Cloud Control + more
Spunk FBi fundraiser
Talons + SPOD at Clare’s bday warehouse party

Top Four Mongolian bands I expect to see a lot in 2010

Khusugtun, Altan Urag, Starfish, Mohanik

P.S. If you enjoy the musical selections of Mr Martin Doyle as expressed in the Ivy League newsletter, do take a stroll to Dusty Fingers, Dirty Palms. It's education + inspiration all rolled into one lovely page on the internet.


  1. Hopefully we'll see those Mongolian bands plus more at Playtime 2010 - yay!

  2. Yeah! Will be even better to have you here to see them all with!