Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Out Of Town

We got out of town this weekend. Given that we are currently residing in one of the most polluted cities in the world and side-stepping frozen vomit is par for the course on a morning walk to work, it is very nice indeed to get out of the city every now and then. It was also Laura The Lovely's™ birthday, so 11 of us packed into the back of a van on Saturday morning and schlepped to a ger camp 50km out of Ulaanbaatar.

back of the van

Some people shot arrows. Some people got shot at with arrows. I was not good at either so I shot some vodka instead.

Flying arrow

We walked to the top of a hill. And then back down. Although it really looked like this:


It felt a lot like this:

Into the light

There was an ovoo up there.


Something died to get involved.


I rode a horse through the snow with the help of this champ. We did have to take a break while he had a snow pee though. I averted my eyes. We had only just met.


We slept in these lovely gers.


le ger

And a snow dog had his morning stretch to welcome daylight with me. His fur was frozen. Poor dog dude. Amelia swears she saw a snow cat around somewhere too.

doggy wakes up

More pics on Flickr.

Next week Clare is going to teach me to ski at Mongolia's first and newly opened ski resort. Yes, I have medical insurance.

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