Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mongol Mania

Although we have found ways to circumvent the 9pm curfew (these guys are particularly good at it when they're around), I have been indulging my 'cultured' side a little more of late. This weekend just gone I did many things.

I learned to make felt from wool:

wool before felt

cutting the wool

just makin' some felt

I made a giant bow
felt bow I made

I may choose to wear it like this... but probably not.
maybe how the bow will be worn

I purchased a traditional instrument called a 'tovshuur':

my tovshuur
I will attempt to play it over the next few months (or just allow it to sit in my room and look pretty.)
tovshuur's head

I saw some well crafted + thought out Mongolian street art:
mongol graff

I considered purchasing a hobby fish:
hobby fish

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