Friday, October 30, 2009

Where The Streets Have No Name

I am going to a house party tonight. I realised how interesting directions are here when I went to write them down just now. No, the streets don't have names, but there are landmarks... From the email:

DATE: Friday, 30th Oct

TIME: from 9pm

WHERE: Our apartment

Directions from the main Trade & Development Bank (with the mosaic clock): Walk one block north, cross to the north side of the intersection, turn west and walk about 75 metres past the 5 little hexagonal pod shops and along a 3-storey pink building (past Nara Japanese restaurant, the hunsni neg grocery store and then the Mongolian National Fast Food Restaurant). Our balcony is on the third storey at the far western side of that pink building (above the Goyol
Korean Restaurant). Entrance around the back. Third floor, blue door on the right.

GETTING IN: we don't have a doorbell or doorcode ... so please call us on one of the numbers listed below so we can let you in.

I will report back tomorrow as to whether I ever actually make it there or freeze in a gutter, bottle of Chinggis vodka in hand, when it hits tonight's low of -14, as predicted by Weather Underground.

P.S. Please note tomorrow's expected low of -22. Welcome to Happiness Land.

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