Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Journey So Far...

As this is my last night in Australia, Melbourne to be exact, I thought it only useful to reflect upon my journey towards Mongolia so far, and give some shout outs...

Shout Out #1: Steve Kish. For driving to Sydney to collect half my wardrobe (that's many, many dresses in case you were wondering). He did get something in return though - a lesson in Jenga at the Old Fitzroy. Thanks Steve.

Shout Out #2: Scout. For helping to pack.

Shout Out #3: Andy C. For discovering Don McLean in a lettuce leaf at my leaving dinner. And everyone else for confirming the sighting + not blaming the sake.

Shout Out #4: Dead echidna I ran over while driving down the Hume from Sydney to Melbourne with Lauren the best sister in the world TM. For reminding me not to fuck with Australian fauna, even when in a Rav 4.

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