Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm still not sure this is really happening. Did I take the red pill + fall into a marmot hole? Is jesus's dad screwing with me because I don't take his son's birthday seriously anymore? Are the beetroots I've been living on for the past week actually magic? I ask all of these questions because the temperature has been in the 20s the past few days and:

Today I saw flowers in the Mongolian countryside for the first time.

Clearly a career in botany beckons.

Today, I smelt + felt rain in Mongolia for the first time. The ground looked like this before that happened though.

Today I rode a horse bareback for the first time. Its spindly winter battered frame supported my winter fattened body, and I felt like the most evil giant in the world... until I scored a saddle and galloped for the first time.

Yesterday, I drank beer outside in Mongolia for the first time. Andrew + Julian did too and were clearly very excited to be involved.

I think I like this floral, beetroot fuelled, springtime equine wonderland.

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