Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Ate This #2

If you happen to follow my Twitter (yes, the internet and I are unhealthily close), you will note that over the new year celebratory period, I was coming home after many wonderful sessions with my friend Chinggis (he of the vodka variety) and eating fish cheese. I really don't think the cheese is made from fish, but fuck me if it doesn't reek of the ocean and taste a bit rank. I cracked open my 1L duty-free bottle of Jameson this evening and three minutes ago got a little peckish. Although I vowed not to do it again, I revisted my old friend, Mr Fishkäse. Here it is in all its resplendent, plaited glory:

And for the record, I did not purchase this smoked cheese monstrosity. My temporary Belgian housemate did. He also applauds foie gras and is about to go camping in the middle of a Mongolian winter, so it's possible his brain is a little confused.


  1. But I love this plaited smoked cheese delight!

  2. Nat, I think the dearth of good cheese in this country is messing with your mind! Although people do tell me it goes well with beer. Maybe I just picked the wrong liquid accompaniment?